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“Ask the Expert: Selecting the Perfect Wedding Photographer”, Inside Weddings

How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

It was an honor to write my first Inside Weddings magazine article devoted to how to hire your professional wedding photographer (and noticed how I said ‘Professional’ and not “uncle Bob” or “your old friend from high school who’s giving you a deal.”) Important questions to ask like , “What is their back up plan in case they fall ill or just can’t make it? Do they provide image books, wedding albums and other custom made items? Is the photographer you’re meeting with going to be the one who actually is contracted to show up on your big day?” Click the images to download the PDF.

Hire the best wedding vendors and wedding photographer

‘Ask the Expert’ article and wedding photography by Melissa Mermin, San Francisco, Napa and Boston wedding photographer and documentary wedding photojournalist.


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