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Doljanchi, baby’s first Korean birthday party

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Baby Chloe just turned one and her family celebrated having a Doljanchi (or Dol), a traditional Korean 1st birthday party in San Francisco! It was a challenge to photograph Chloe in her jabowi (she was ripping it off her head every time her mom put it on, but with my editing skill it looks like she’s posing for the camera.) One of the rituals, the baby reaches for objects on the floor (a stethoscope, a gavel, a paint brush) and it’s said what she picks up is what she will choose as a profession and blesses the child. Doesn’t Chloe looked like a little doll in her colorful hanbok ? I didn’t get to try that whimsical birthday cake, but it looked like something I would have made with my Play-doh set as a kid (I’m sure it tasted better.)

Baby Chloe shows off her and jabowi (hat) and Hanbok (dress) at her birthday party.


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