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San Francisco Songwriter Gary Garrett serenades the Bay Bridge


I did some portraits last week of my musician friend

Gary Garrett against the backdrop of the Bay Bridge and the sunset. The black-and-white images were kind of grittier, reminded me of the Johnny Cash images in his later years. Gary and I co-wrote the song, “Purple Heart” and it’s was serendipitous that “Cupid’s Arrow” sculpture was their as the song is about the tiresome journey of finding love and cupid’s arrow piercing ones armor. Technical photo details: I didn’t have my light stand so I used my photo case and babanced my flash on it (which is why the light is at a low angle.) For the color image, I shot with a Canon 80mm at F2 and shutter speed was around 1/2000 in order to balance the background. I used the flash on TTL high-speed sync with a PocketWizard TT5 on a Canon 580 EX2 with a warming filter. 



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