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Photo District News (PDN), A Couple of Friends Shooting Couples 

Photo District News 2006

In 2006, PDN interviewed my former business partner/fiancée and myself on how we joined forces in the wedding photography business, the challenges of giving up control and working as a team, why becoming business partners with your live-in partner isn't a great idea and how we ultimately decided to break up as a couple but continue our business together for a few more years.

A personal thank you to my former partner, Mr. Christie: I wanted to move to the west coast my whole life, but I as you remember I had a very successful solo photography business in Boston and I felt trapped being stuck by my own success. After we became business partners and then broke up as a couple a few years later, it set me free to move to San Francisco and expand our business to be bi-coastal, something I always dreamed of. I am grateful for the years we orbited each other and that we found better places to be because of what we learned as lovers, friends and partners. 

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